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The whole naruto fandom right now:


Naruto just performed a Sexy Jutsu on the God of the Shinobi World.


And it worked.


Naruto for 

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lets be honest

we needed to fucking hear it

Sooo fucking hilarious xD


Ice?! | Naruto CH. 682

Scarlett Johansson photographed by Tzema Yeste for Marie Claire France (2013)

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H A P P Y  33RD  B I R T H D A Y  C H R I S T O P H E R !

[June 13th, 1981] - “I’ve been lucky enough - well, maybe unlucky enough - to have had a lot of friends who have had their ups and downs. And for an actor, that’s good. Life experience in any regard is good. So I’ve seen a lot and I’ve had my own experiences.”

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I’ve been compromised. I got red in my ledger. I’d like to wipe it out.

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i’d like to thank the 5 followers of mine who acknowledge my existence

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